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Confoo 2011, die Mega Konferenz

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Ihr sitzt zwar alle gerade wahrscheinlich vor eurer neuen PHPStorm Version oder programmiert eine Vier-Gewinnt-KI, aber trotzdem gibt es hier einige neue Präsentationen. Vom 6. bis zum 11. März 2011 fand zum zweiten Mal die Confoo in Montreal statt. Stolze 144 Talks, 3 Workshops und eine Keynote, bis zu 8 Sessions gleichzeitig, was für ein Programm. Einige der unten stehenden Präsentationen sind bereits bekannt, der größte Teil aber ist neues Futter zum Lesen, Lernen und Ausprobieren. Viel Spass dabei!

(Wer fehlende Präsentationen findet, bitte melden!)

06. März 2011

Using Linux tracing tools to analyse a LAMP stack
Yannick Brosseau

How to create social apps for millions of users
Bastian Hofmann

07. März 2011

Advanced PHP Development
Arne Blankerts, Stefan Priebsch, Sebastian Bergmann

Démarrer avec Symfony2

HTML5 Avancé
Benoit Piette

09. März 2011

Advanced OO patterns
Tobias Schlitt

Décrire un projet PHP dans des rapports
Damien Seguy

HTML5 APIs – The New Frontier
Robert Nyman

Le bon, la brute et le truand dans les nuages
Sebastien GIORIA

Distributed Couch Apps – Embracing eventual consis
Kore Nordmann

Test de code Python
Sébastien Douche

Java EE 6 – how J2EE became popular again
Mike Keith

Metaprogramming in Ruby
Joshua Hull

Write PHP, deploy everywhere
Michelangelo van Dam

Derick Rethans

Adapter un design au Web Mobile grâce aux CSS
Raphael Goetter

Security 202 – Are you sure your site is secure?
Arne Blankerts

Writing a Ruby Gem for beginners
Ken Coar

Past, Present and Future of Packaging in Python
Éric Araujo

As-t-on encore besoin d’un framework web ?
Mathieu Carbou

CakePHP – The Path to 2.0
Graham Weldon

Why MVC is not an application architecture …
Stefan Priebsch

Caching on the Edge
Fabien Potencier

Fast and efficient: jQuery Plugin Development
Jakob Westhoff

OWASP Top Ten 2010: understanding the attacks
Antonio Fontes

Graphs, Edges & Nodes: Untangling the Social Web
Joël Perras

How to create a killer location based mobile application
Jean-Luc David

My $1.8 million dollar startup education
Benjamin Yoskovitz

Tests fonctionnels
David Avenante

Introduction to MVC with Zeta Components
Hans-Christian Otto

Alloy HMVC PHP Framework: Simple & REST-ready
Vance Lucas

Introduction to the Play! Framework
Newman Hunter

Analyzing Site Performance with XHGui & XHProf
Paul Reinheimer

Debugging applications with network security tools
Kevin Bong

An Overview of Flash Storage for Databases
Morgan Tocker

Introduction à Pyramid
Blaise Laflamme

Building social software with StatusNet
Evan Prodromou

Webshell: smart, scripted HTTP
Sean Coates

APC & Memcached the High Performance Duo
Ilia Alshanetsky

Connecting web and desktop: WebDAV
Tobias Schlitt

Multi-factor authentication
Philippe Gamache

Building servers with Node.js
Travis Swicegood

Marrow: A Meta-Framework for Python 2.6+ and 3.1+
Alice Bevan-McGregor

Do you have what it takes to be a CTO?
Sylvain Carle

Rendre son CMS conforme au SGQRI 008 en 20 étapes
Yannick Pavard

The Solar Framework for PHP
Paul M. Jones

HipHop for PHP
Scott MacVicar

jQuery — fonctionnalités avancées
Rémi Prévost

Opensource Authentication and Authorization
Allan Foster

99 Problems, But the Search Ain’t One
Andrei Zmievski

The Pylons Project: new and hot stuff. Live demo
Alexandre Bourget

Building RESTful Web Services with Jersey
Matthew Turland

Dive into Cocoa with MacRuby
Louis-Philippe Perron

10. März 2011

Improving QA on PHP development projects
Michelangelo van Dam

PHP inside.
Derick Rethans

Performing in the Browser
Jordi Boggiano

Strong Authentication in Web Application
Sylvain Maret

Building your first application with MongoDB
Antoine Girbal

Gael Pasgrimaud

Real-time web applications
Michaël Chaize

Padrino, The Elegant Ruby Web Framework
Joshua Hull

Making PHP see
Michael MacLean

Audit statique PHP
Damien Seguy

High-Speed JavaScript
Christian Wenz

Threat Modeling: detecting threats before coding
Antonio Fontes

Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
David Zülke

Atelier : Mercurial de moyen à avancé
Éric Araujo

Spring + Rails = Grails!
Olivier Gourment

Relentless Ruby
Ted Han

Scalable Architecture 101
Mike Willbanks

Clean PHP
Sebastian Bergmann

Planifier l’accessibilité du Web
Denis Boudreau

Hacking your website with Vega
David Mirza

Stress-free deployment
Rob Allen

Server Administration in Python with Fabric, Cuisine and Watchdog
Sébastien Pierre

Accelerating NoSQL: Running Voldemort on HailDB
Sunny Gleason

Plein phar !
Frédéric Hardy

Turning your website performance to 11
Newman Scott Hunter

Introducing TDD to your project
Bastian Feder

Introduction à la sécurité des WebServices
Sebastien GIORIA

Panel: Which NoSQL database should you use?
Morgan Tocker

Anatomy of a large Django site
Andy McKay

CLI, the other SAPI
Thijs Feryn

Javascript server side : faire le point
Quentin ADAM

Zend Framework 2: what’s new and what’s changed?
Rob Allen

Pragmatic Guide to Git
Travis Swicegood

Linked Data: The New Black
Sarven Capadisli

OWASP Enterprise Security API
Philippe Gamache

Learning JPA 2.0
Mike Keith

How SOA Makes Moving to the Cloud Easier
Paul Robbins

Technical SEO for Enterprise Level & Dynamic Website
CT Moore

Introduction à Sinatra
Rémi Prévost

LemonLDAP::NG, a free web single sign on software
Clément OUDOT

Intégration Continue d’un projet PHP avec Jenkins

DISTCHA : une tentative pour exterminer CAPTCHA
Vincent François

The business behind open source
Graham Weldon

How Can Google Analytics Save Your Ass
Paul Bernier

Kill Bottlenecks with Gearman, Memcached & Sphinx
Paul Reinheimer

One approach to handling HTTP headers in Ruby
Ken Coar

Premiers pas dans les extensions PHP
Pierrick Charron

HTML5 – Moving from hacks to solutions
Christian Heilmann

11. März 2011

Advanced project tracking with arbit
Kore Nordmann

Scaling Web Apps with RabbitMQ
Alvaro Videla

HTML5 et javascript accessible, c’est possible
Aurélien Levy

Distributed Identities with OpenID
Bastian Hofmann

The hitchhikers guide to agile
Sebastian Schürmann

Develop mobile applications with Flex
Michaël Chaize

Bien choisir son CMS
Christophe Villeneuve

Cross-domain Web Development Opportunities
Georges Duverger

The most unknown parts of PHPUnit
Bastian Feder

Lithium: The Not-So-Micro Micro-Framework
Joël Perras

Intégrer l’accessibilité dans une démarche qualité
Sébastien Delorme

Varnish in action
Thijs Feryn

WordPress pour le développement d’applications web
Marc Boivin

Think Mobile First, Then Enhance.
Karl Dubost

Asterisk & PHP (et al.)
Hans-Christian Otto

La place du gestionnaire dans l’équipe Scrum
Bruno Morel

Introduction to QML
Martin Legris

CakePHP: Practical rapid prototyping
Graham Weldon

What every developer should know about Performance
organ Tocker

Your tests are lying!
Sebastian Bergmann

CSS 3, vers l’infini et au-delà
Daniel Glazman

What new in Reporting Service R2
Jean-Rene Roy

Microsoft gets serious about HTTP
Darrel Miller

Develop & Deploy Mission Critical Web Applications
Kuassi Mensah

Interoperability and Web Standards
Gianugo Rabellino

Commandlinefu for developers
David Winterbottom

Next generation API documentation
Arne Blankerts

JavaScript Events and Scopes
Jordi Boggiano

Solr Search Engine: Beyond The Basics
Ian Barber

Why building twitter is hard
matt knox

Android Jump Start
Mike Willbanks

Tiki Suite: Going beyond Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
Marc Laporte

Introduction à la programmation fonctionnelle
Ernst Perpignand

Hidden features of PHP
Ilia Alshanetsky

Introduction à la cartographie Web open source
Julien-Samuel Lacroix

Manos de Mono: Build awesome webapps with C#
Jackson Harper

Fifty tips, tricks and tools in one talk
Sean Coates

Jump into Windows Phone 7 Development
Cory Fowler

Step by Step: GC Tuning in the HotSpot JVM
Kuassi Mensah

Comment décider de la stratégie de son site web
Marc Poulin

Advanced Application Deployment with Puppet
John Coggeshall

Build powerful and smart web applications with Symfony2
Hugo HAMON, Fabien Potencier

JavaScript for PHP developers
Stoyan Stefanov

Boomerang: How fast do users think your site is?
Philip Tellis

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Titanium
Vance Lucas

What is MS Sync. Framework
Jean-Rene Roy

Building Smarter Web Applications with Text Mining
Bashar Al-Fallouji

Yellow API Hackfest

The top 10 web application intrusion techniques

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März 30th, 2011 at 8:16 am

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