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Der 7. phpDay fand vom 12. bis zum 14. Mai, diesmal wieder in Verona, statt. Vor allem englische , aber auch drei italienische Talks wurden gehalten, hier die Liste:

12.Mai 2011

Caching on the Edge
Fabien Potencier

Testing LAMP Applications
Sebastian Bergmann

Any to any – Convert your documents!
Kore Nordmann

Building search applications with Apache Solr and PHP
Paul Borgermans

A generic PHP Application installer
Kore Nordmann

Security 202 – Are you sure your site is secure?
Arne Blankerts

Modular application architecture
Kore Nordmann

13. Mai 2011

Expanding PHP unit testing into the cloud
Erik Kort

How your business can benefit from Symfony2
Christian Schaefer

PHP goes to the Cloud
Pietro Brambati

Doctrine 2
Juozas Kaziukėnas

Just Married: User Centred Design and Agile
Memi Beltrame

Large-Scale Data Processing with MapReduce and PHP
David Zülke

Many to many: no man is an island.
Jacopo Romei

Be lAZY, be ESI – HTTP caching and Symfony2
Alessandro Nadalin

An year of Pomodoros
Giorgio Sironi

Managing a shared MySQL farm
Thijs Feryn

Lessons learned after 10 years with eZ Publish and the road into a mobile future
Paul Borgermans

Phing vs Ant: parola chiave „automatizzare“
Manuel Baldassarri

Symfony2 per chi fino a ieri ha utilizzato Symfony 1.x : architettura, modelli ed esempi
Filippo De Santis

Dica trentatrè <?php echo ’33‘; ?>. Controllare lo stato di salute di una applicazione con le metriche del codice
Michele Orselli

Real World Dependency Injection
Stephan Hochdoerfer

Why MVC is not an application architecture
Stefan Priebsch

Varnish In Action
Thijs Feryn

Think like an ant, distribute the workload
Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson

14. Mai 2011

Git for Subversion users
Stefan Koopmanschap

Profile your PHP application and make it fly
Lorenzo Alberton

Symfony e grandi numeri: si può fare!
Daniel Londero

Zend PHP 5.3 Certification: What You Need to Know
Christian Wenz

Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
David Zülke

Pursuing Domain-Driven Design practices in PHP
Giorgio Sironi

Symfony2 and RoR3: friends for an hour
Alessandro Cinelli, Alberto Barrilà, Sandro Paganotti

Zend Framework 2.0
Enrico Zimuel

Apache Zeta Components
Tobias Schlitt

Optimizing Zend Framework
Juozas Kaziukėnas

Race condition in applicazioni PHP
Davide Marrone

Testing untestable code
Stephan Hochdoerfer

WebMatrix: build, customize and deploy!
Pietro Brambati

Frontend Caching – The „new“ frontier
Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson

eXtreme Programming, Timeboxing e Kanban: A company development experience
Filippo De Santis

Symfony CMF: un nuovo paradigma per la gestione dei contenuti
Michele Orselli

symfony & jQuery, ties and separations
Massimiliano Arione

CMF: a pain in the F
Alessandro Nadalin

Distribuzione delle sessioni
Gianluca Gimigliano

Drupal 7!
Marco Vito Moscaritolo

Advanced CouchDB
Sander van de Graaf

Intro to TYPO3
Ingo Renner

WordPress for developers
Maurizio Pellizzone

Comet: Pushing the Web Forward
Phiip Ross

Strong cryptography in PHP
Enrico Zimuel

NoSQL Databases: What, When and Why
Lorenzo Alberton

When Drupal meets Opendata
Paolo Mainardi

Written by Michael Kliewe

Mai 23rd, 2011 at 8:34 am

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