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Symfony Live Paris 2011 Slides

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Am 2. bis 5. März diesen Jahres fand die Symfony Live 2011 in Paris statt. Am 2. fand ein Trainings-Tag statt, am 5. war der Hacking Day, und dazwischen 2 Tage Konferenz. Viele Talks behandeln natürlich das Symfony 2 Framework, es sind aber auch einige generelle PHP Themen dabei, und vielleicht kann man sich bei einem der fortschrittlichsten Frameworks das ein oder andere abgucken.

03. März 2011

The lost art of simplicity
Josh Holmes

Application Security, Dependency Injection, and AOP in Symfony2
Johannes Schmitt

State of the Symfony2 CMF Project
Lukas Kahwe Smith

Apostrophe: a Symfony-powered CMS your clients will love
Tom Boutell

RESTful avec symfony et Symfony2
Xavier Lacot, Damien Alexandre

Contributing with Git : Reducing the frictions of Open Source collaboration with the Git VCS
Scott Chacon

Speedy App: Frontend Performance Considerations
Pierre Spring

Nice performance using Sf2 cache wrapping Sf1 application
Emmanuel Cohen, Marc Weistroff

Symfony2: 30 astuces et bonnes pratiques
Noël Guilbert

phpBB4: Building end-user applications with Symfony2
Nils Adermann

There’s a Rabbit on my Symfony – RabbitMQ and Symfony2 Integration
Alvaro Videla

Leveraging Symfony2 Forms
Bernhard Schussek

Doctrator, behaviors in Doctrine2
Pablo Díez

Fabien Potencier

04. März 2011

Adopt Devops philosophy on your Symfony projects
Fabrice Bernhard

Symfony2 – from the trenches
Lukas Kahwe Smith, Jordi Boggiano, Jeremy Mikola

Introducing Assetic: Asset Management for PHP 5.3
Kris Wallsmith7

Application Gruyere: Security at Hand
Pierre Spring

*You* are the community
Stefan Koopmanschap

HTTP Cache
Fabien Potencier

Integrating the Solr search engine
Thomas Rabaix

E-commerce in Symfony2 (discussion)

Varnish Cache and you
Kristian Lyngstøl

Quid de mes applications symfony1
Marc Hugon

UserBundle (sfGuard for Symfony2)
Jeremy Mikola

Jordi Boggiano

Pierre Spring

Jordi Boggiano

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!
Jacopo Romei

Being dangerous with Twig
Ryan Weaver5

Symfony2 en pièces détachées !

A Symfony2 Admin Bundle
Thomas Rabaix

A Symfony2 Grid
Kris Wallsmith

Symfttpd, the embedded symfony server
Fabrice Bernhard

Dependency Resolution with a SAT solver
Nils Adermann

Symfony2 Debian Packager
Lukas Kahwe Smith

Doctrine in the Real World
Jonathan Wage

JavaScript, Events and Scopes
Jordi Boggiano

Scaling With Messaging
Alvaro Videla

Behavior Driven Development for Symfony2
Konstantin Kudryashov

Jeux sociaux, Symfony et Cloud Computing
Laurent Letourmy

Real time event dispatching
Peter Dietrich

Don’t use a screw when you need a nail
Stefan Koopmanschap

Iscool Story
Alexandre Rodière, Bertrand Tornil

Cloud Computing (discussion)
Pierre Couzy

There is one more thing
Fabien Potencier

Written by Michael Kliewe

März 21st, 2011 at 9:48 am

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